Fiber Type Has an Effect On Fatigue


It is not new information that individuals with a higher distribution of type 2 (fast-twitch) muscle fiber fatigue faster. This is likely due to a number of reasons, but this study adds to the body of literature which suggests that fiber distribution is another reason why fatigue tolerance is highly individual. It seems that the…

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Light Training Days for Recovery?


I do not know how many of you or your clients are like this, but there are a very select few of us that hate to go a day without training.  I am certainly NOT one of those people .  But if YOU are – then this tip is for you.     This paper…

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4 Ways to Manage Fatigue with Strength Training

fatigue infographic

When it comes to programming not many coaches talk about managing fatigue, but this is a crucial part of training and something that tends to highly individualized.  So while volume and load are typically at the forefront of most coaches mind when it comes to strength and hypertrophy, we also need to pay close attention…

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Strength is Specific in Different Ways

man sprinting

We all know strength is specific. What this usually translates to with most training protocols (especially in sport) is to practice the movement. This is well and good, but we should not view strength training with such a myopic approach.   Practicing a movement skill will net you good results, but this will inevitably reach…

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Zombieland Rule Number ONE: Conditioning

man working out

Zombieland Rule Number ONE: Conditioning These at-home workouts have pointed out some glaring deficits in my training. Working out at home has been a major shift in the way I used to train in the gym.   And I am seeing some glaring deficits in my training.   One of them being conditioning!   Because,…

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Two Things To Consider Before Doing Your Online Workout

woman doing renegade row

Two Things To Consider Before Doing Your Online Workout A lot of training has moved online (no surprise there), but before you jump into your online workout consider these two things. So I wanted to post something a little different today.   Since in-person personal training has been hit so hard with the current situation…

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How to Avoid Being Sore From a Workout

girl standing by dumbbells

How to Avoid Being Sore From a Workout Being sore can get in the way of many daily life activities.  Find out how to avoid any unwanted muscle damage while continuing to make progress with your training. Muscle soreness.  Some love it, some hate it.   If you love it, it may be for reasons…

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How Long Should I Recover From a Workout?

Runner sitting down drinking water

How Long Should I Recover From a Workout? It’s a question I get asked often.  So if YOU’RE wondering when YOU can workout again…here’s my shot at the answer. When I first wanted to write about this topic I thought it was going to be pretty straightforward, but when I started to look into the…

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