At Home Equipment

You Don't Need Much To Train at Home



Kettle Bells require a little getting used to, but they are great for a number of strength and conditioning exercises.  I would recommend getting the following weights:

  • 12kg, 16kg, 24kg, and a 32 kg.  

If getting that many bells is not currently in your budget start with the 12kg and the 24kg.



Val slides are a unique training stool that allows you to perform a number of bodyweight exercises.  They create a dynamic form of resistance allowing you to progress and regress exercises efficiently.


TRX Suspension Trainer

One of the harder exercises to do when training at home are pulling exercises.  If you do not have a suspension trainer or access to one you may have to resort to more creative strategies.  The TRX solves this problem while ALSO offering you a number of options with bodyweight resistance training.


PowerBlock Adustable Weights

While these may not be completely necessary for your home gym, they DO make an excellent addition and allow you to progress your strength a little more quickly than you might with bodyweight exercises.  This is part of the reason why strength training with weights tends to be the preferred method to implement progressive overload with training.

York Flat Bench (Silver)

Standard Bench

A standard bench can be used for a number of things; especially when used in combination with the other tools listed on this page.  Modify push-ups, lunge variations, hip thrusts, etc.  A simple, yet versatile piece of equipment.

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