I do not know how many of you or your clients are like this, but there are a very select few of us that hate to go a day without training.  I am certainly NOT one of those people .  But if YOU are - then this tip is for you.



This paper showed that performing a light training day after having a damaging training session improved markers for recovery.  The mechanism for this is likely increased blood flow to the damaged muscle tissue; therefore, by performing the SAME exercise with very light loads would specifically target the tissues damaged during the previous training session.



Now for me when it comes to recovery I harp on the basics: get restful sleep, eat well, and stay hydrated - and for all intents and purposes these are “big rocks” you need to get in place when it comes to optimizing your training.  But scheduling a light training session into a program is an easy thing to do which seems to have some benefit.  So if you’re looking to maintain a level of activity, without diminishing your gains, light training could be the strategy for you.  BUT if you would rather not, and simply rest, that works just as well.