fatigue infographic

When it comes to programming not many coaches talk about managing fatigue, but this is a crucial part of training and something that tends to highly individualized.  So while volume and load are typically at the forefront of most coaches mind when it comes to strength and hypertrophy, we also need to pay close attention to our clients when it comes to⁣:


  • Rest intervals⁣
  • Rep ranges⁣
  • Proximity to failure⁣
  • Training frequency⁣


Fatigue is a critical factor in muscle activation, motor unit recruitment, force development, technique (or lack thereof), and performance. Failing to take these into consideration with programming, as well as intrasession is a huge oversight.⁣


These are just four primary ways to manage fatigue with your clients, but it is also important to help your clients deal with other stressors outside of training which still add to their overall “stress” load.⁣