Probably not as relevant now, given our present situation, but this may be something to consider once gyms do open again.⁣



Heavy eccentric training is an overload technique that can be used to help you get back to pre-Covid-19 lifting numbers a little quicker.⁣



By allowing you to utilize weights you would otherwise not be able to lift concentrically, heavy eccentric training elicits few unique benefits:⁣



  • Increased tendon stiffness⁣
  • Increased lateral force transmission⁣
  • Increase muscle activation⁣
  • Increased load specific coordination⁣



Coupled with the fact that strength is much more easily regained after a period of detraining once you have acquired it previously, heavy eccentrics may help you get acclimated to heavier loads sooner.⁣



BUT FIRST, some things to consider.  Eccentric training is highly damaging, so this should not be your initial option once you return to training.  You should probably allow an introductory period of about 2 to 3 weeks to get reacclimated to lifting, in general, also allowing the repeated bout effect to kick in.  If and when you do decide to use heavy eccentric training you should drastically limit the volume - I am talking like 1 or 2 reps -  and then continue your training as usual.  ⁣