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Monthly Training Review

This Month in Training - October

Training in October



Total lbs


Monthly Breakdown

The monthly breakdown is an overview of how your training is balanced.  By classifying movements into categories we can identify the areas we would like to focus on in our next training cycle, and/or any deficits in our training we need to account for in our next training session.


This is essentially how I make sure your training has a complete approach so we aren't reinforcing or exacerbating any unwanted imbalances.


We will look to incorporate power and rotational movements once we have a better baseline on how your back is responding to training.

Horizontal PullingVertical PullingHorizontal PressingVertical PressingLunge VariationSquat Variation
Hinge VariationCore/CarryPowerRotationalConditioningAverage Difficulty
  • October Training Goal
    4/4 Training Sessions
  • Training Session 10/12
  • Training Session 10/19
  • Training Session 10/26
  • Training Session 10/31
October Highlights
Aerobic capacity has started to return.
You move well. The basic movement patterns are still familiar to you.
Introduced Trap Bar Deadlifting and you hit 6 reps at 99lbs.
You knocked out 10 PUSH-UPS on the GROUND!
Learned proper shoulder position during a press and hit a DB Floor Press with 20s!

Coaches Notes

This month we have begun the process of seeing how your back responds to training.

The good news is that, so far, basic movement patterns do not seem to exacerbate symptoms beyond what you have been normally feeling.

Our goal, of course, is to see if training can relieve some of these symptoms along with getting your stronger and increasing your fitness level.

Looking Ahead

In a recent visit to your PT he hypothesized that a lack of abductor strength may be contributing to some of the symptoms you are experiencing.  Maybe due to an asymmetrical "pull" on your SI joint.

Basic strength training (with a balanced approach) should increase abductor strength without any specific considerations, but we will incorporate special strength exercises to address this concern.


In regard to our training, in general, we will continue with a mostly linear approach - changing different variables slightly to ensure progressive overload.


We will also continue to experiment with different positions when training to see if we can find less "painful" positions while still obtaining the desired training effect.

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More Brain Gainz

In this section, I will provide you with information relevant to many of the items we have discussed and/or relate directly to what we are working on within our training.

This a video from the pain scientist I mentioned to you in one of our training sessions.  It's an interesting video to watch and gives some different insights on pain and its mechanisms.  I thought you mind find it interesting.

Training with Hypermobility

We talked a bit about how you display an increased range of mobility.  And while I am not quick to classify you as hypermobile, I do think it may be productive to include elements of training for hypermobility into your program.

This is an interesting article commenting on some of the practices of incorporating strength training with hypermobility.