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Monthly Training Review

This Month in Training - October

Training in October



Total lbs


Monthly Breakdown

The monthly breakdown is an overview of how your training is balanced.  By classifying movements into categories we can identify the areas we would like to focus on in our next training cycle, and/or any deficits in our training we need to account for in our next training session.


This is essentially how I make sure your training has a complete approach so we aren't reinforcing or exacerbating any unwanted imbalances.

Horizontal PullingVertical PullingHorizontal PressingVertical PressingLunge VariationSquat Variation
Hinge VariationCore/CarryPowerRotationalConditioningAverage Difficulty
  • October Training Goal
    8/8 Training Sessions
  • Training Session 10/6
  • Training Session 10/9
  • Training Session 10/13
  • Training Session 10/16
  • Training Session 10/20
  • Training Session 10/23
  • Training Session 10/27
  • Training Session 10/30
October Highlights
Pressing strength is returning quickly
Knocked out 30 PUSH-UPS! And also progressed to decline push-ups changing the difficulty considerably.
Pull out and stepped on the scale. This was the first step and we will continue to build on it little by little.
Managed to hit 8 of 8 sessions this month.
Hit an Overhead Press for 135 lbs and it looked easy!

Coaches Notes

This month we have managed to get a lot of your pressing strength back.  Which is good because that tends to be the longest to recover after an extended break.  I am excited to get back on a bench, because it is clear you are a born presser!  Getting on a regular exercise routine is a great start and you have been consistent this month, which is great!

Looking Ahead

Looking ahead into next month I want us to make more incremental steps toward finding out what is going to work this time around with implementing better eating habits.  You and I have touched on it a bit in session, but I would like us to start to work on implementing and experimenting with some concrete strategies.


As far as your training goes, you are doing great.  In the coming months, I want to make sure to revisit some of the more novel movements to continue to work on your active mobility.

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More Brain Gainz

This month's recommended reading comments on a topic we have touched on a few times during our conversations in session: sleep - specifically sleep and screentime.

Screen time is messing up your sleep. Here's what to do about it

You and I are both guilty of this from time to time, so I thought I would share this interesting read.

I Shut Off My Phone at 9 P.M. Every Night for a Week—Here’s What Happened

This was a short read but an interesting account of an experiment with implementing a digital curfew.  We have talked about trying to get a "night time routine" going.  I think implementing a digital curfew is something we can both benefit from.  Check out the article and let me know what you think.