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Monthly Training Review

This Month in Training - October

Training in October



Total lbs


Monthly Breakdown

The monthly breakdown is an overview of how your training is balanced.  By classifying movements into categories we can identify the areas we would like to focus on in our next training cycle, and/or any deficits in our training we need to account for in our next training session.


This is essentially how I make sure your training has a complete approach so we aren't reinforcing or exacerbating any unwanted imbalances.

Horizontal PullingVertical PullingHorizontal PressingVertical PressingLunge VariationSquat Variation
Hinge VariationCore/CarryPowerRotationalConditioningAverage Difficulty
  • October Training Goal
    3/3 Training Sessions
  • Training Session 10/16
  • Training Session 10/19
  • Training Session 10/27
October Highlights
After an extended break, you are back in the gym and working on getting back in shape and increasing your capacity for strength.
You move well and have retained a lot of the basic movement patterns from your previous experiences with training.
Despite having some trouble with your respiratory system you have managed to complete 3 training sessions this month.

Coaches Notes

This month we are working around your bronchitis, but we have still managed to get some good work in.  You move well, and I think you are primed to make swift progress once you can get a bit more air in your lungs.

Looking Ahead

We are early stages of training so your program will follow a linear progression, modifying different training variables such as sets, reps, range of motion, time under tension, etc. to ensure that you are making incremental progress week after week.

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