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Monthly Training Review

This Month in Training - October

Training in October



Total Meters


Total lbs


Monthly Breakdown

The monthly breakdown is an overview of how your training is balanced.  By classifying movements into categories we can identify the areas we would like to focus on in our next training cycle, and/or any deficits in our training we need to account for in our next training session.


This is essentially how I make sure your training has a complete approach so we aren't reinforcing or exacerbating any unwanted imbalances.

Horizontal PullingVertical PullingHorizontal PressingVertical PressingLunge VariationSquat Variation
Hinge VariationCore/CarryPowerRotationalConditioningAverage Difficulty
  • October Training Goal
    3/3 Training Sessions
  • Training Session 10/13
  • Training Session 10/20
  • Training Session 10/22
October Highlights
Increased weekly activity levels.
Started to incorporate rowing classes along with your strength training.
You have stayed cognizant and on top of your eating routine.
Progressed to performing planks on the ground
Progressed with your push up - moving one rung closer to the ground

Coaches Notes

This month we got you back in the gym training again!  I am glad your surgery has gone well and you have been given the OK to train.  You have managed to take full advantage of this by training and also by incorporating more activity (i.e. rowing classes) into your schedule.


I am impressed by the dedication of your follow-through post-surgery, and I am excited to see what you are sure to accomplish in the area of your health and wellness!

Looking Ahead

Currently, our training is following a linear progression model where we increase a training variable week by week in an incremental fashion.  Training variables include sets, reps, range of motion, time under tension, etc.  We can modify these variables to make sure you are making slight advances with every training day.


I would also like to include more movements in our next cycle.  When we look at your movement breakdown in one of the previous sections above, we definitely have room to incorporate more variation with many of the basic movement patterns.  We will look to do this in the coming months.

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