Exercises: The Bird Dog

The bird dog is one of my favorite core exercises.  I frequently use it in my warm ups as well as in between sets when lifting.  I find that it helps to keep my focus on maintaining a proper brace when lifting.


Performing this exercise helps to reinforce proper spinal alignment, strengthens the muscles of the erector spinae, promotes movement with a stable spine, and helps with coordination.


Bird Dog Variations

Here are some of my favorite variations I use for myself and my clients.  

Bird Dog w/ Valslide

This is one of my favorite regressions.  It's a modified verision that  provides a little extra stability to the movement while keeping a lot of the benefits of performing the exercise. 

  • Beginner


Bird Dog w/ Wallblock

This is another modified version that is useful if you tend to keep shifting your weight.  The wall effective blocks the movement disallowing you to shift your weight.

  • Beginner