Moving Away From Answer Dependency

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So, you’re going to have to really look into yourself, really reflect and review on what you think is working and what’s not working. I think this where we fall short sometimes, because we become a very answer-dependent culture, and where we feel like, just get me the answer. Tell me what to do and I’ll do it. Most people, if I ask you, what are five things you should be doing, and you’re just not doing it? You can probably rattle off five or seven things. So, the fundamental thing that I think that people approach this wrong is that they’re answer-dependent. They’re looking for an answer to be given rather than an answer to be learned and discovered and figured out. When this change, a change where it involves health, wellness, weight loss, whatever it might be, is an adaptable change. It will change as the process moves on because you can predict life, but then you get sick or then your child gets sick or then a family member passes away or then you have to move. These are all life. These are part of life. So, what do you do then? And this is why I say that I don’t have answers for you.

The answers are something that we’re going to have to figure out together and that is the key to things, though, you see, because it’s not the strategy. It’s not what you’re doing that is so important. It’s how you thought about it. What was your train of thought to get there? Because you will need to apply that same thought pattern, that same principle of thinking, again and again and again, because you will need to adapt. You will need to change as life changes, as your beliefs change, as your identity grows bigger. So, the first step is, don’t look for answers to be given to you. Now, I’m not saying don’t be resourceful. Go look for perspective. Go look for other ideas, of course, but understand how those things fit in within the context of who you are and the life you live. It has to pass through that filter. I say this time and time again. Strategies tend to lose their utility. At one point in time, they will become useless to you. So, what do you do then? What happens? And this is all I’m asking.